Best Dishwashers – Rating in 2018-2019

Is a dishwasher able to handle dirty dishes as well as the hands of the hostess? It turns out, yes. Dishwashers take their rightful place in our kitchens. They really save water, light, your strength and time.

We represent you the best representatives of dishwashers according to buyers in 2018. The rating is prepared taking into account the data of the Google service and customer reviews left on specialized resources.
Selection criteria:

• the quality of washing and drying;
• feature set;
• ease of management and use.

BEKO DTC 36610 W

This model is chosen for small rooms: compact appliances with touch controls fit perfectly even on the table. The stand-alone dishwasher will be pleased with its efficiency: it is designed for six sets of dishes, it spends only 6.5 liters of water at a time. In addition, it consumes electricity in class A +. But these are not the only positive sides of the car.
The main advantages:

• It has a sufficient set of programs for daily use. She knows how to quickly wash, work with glass (ideal for fragile dishes), intensively wash heavily soiled items. In addition, the dishwasher has an economical program – eco 50º. It is perfectly suited for washing dishes that are not too dirty, warming the water is not so strong and thus saving electricity.
• With DTC 36610 W it’s hard to forget that the wash salt is over – the model has a corresponding indicator.
• How much time is left before the cycle is complete, the display of this model will also show.
• The minus of this device is connected with its compactness – it is not enough for a large family of machines for six sets of dishes.


In comparison with the previous device from the rating, this device is more dimensional, but more capacious. The equipment can wash up to 9 sets of dishes at a time, while spending the same amount of liters of water. BOSCH does not take too much space, because it belongs to the class of narrow ones, which means it will fit in a limited space.

7 attractive qualities:

• Preserves fragile glass objects thanks to the GlassProtec system.
• It helps to save – the smart ActiveWater system and the loading sensor allow the dishwasher to automatically determine how much water and electricity needs to be spent: it will not take too much. In addition, there is a half load function.
• This technique is bought because it can wash perfectly. A special sensor monitors the purity of the water, adjusting its temperature and volume depending on the level of contamination. The dishwasher detergent dissolves evenly and automatically determines its type.
• If the dishes are too dirty – it does not matter. It is only necessary to select the pre-rinse mode: it will relieve the plates from dried food residues.
• The device can be the best solution for those who do not want to mess with cleaning it: the model is equipped with self-cleaning filters.
• SPS 50E88 will not let you forget to put salt or rinse aid – it displays their presence on the display.
• Washes, while the owners are not at home: the launch of the unit can be set in advance (1-24 hours).


The compact five-program freestanding technique is able to wash six sets of dishes at once. This is ideal for small spaces: it will only be half a meter wide. But not only this good dishwasher. It is chosen for the sake of other qualities.

What nice features ESF 2400 OW has:
• It helps not to be distracted from the reception of guests. To wash the dishes between changes of dishes will not be needed. She has a special “Party” program that can handle the wash in 20 minutes.
Dishwasher cares for fragile glass – it has a special mode for this.
• The machine reminds you when you need to add salt and rinse.

Possible complaints:
• no half load;
• no self-cleaning filters.

Let’s sum up

For small families (up to 3 people) compact desktop dishwashers will do. Medium families (3-5 people) should pay attention to narrow outdoor models. Large families of full-size dishwashers will be helpful to members of large families (or owners of small cafes).
If you have small children in your family, then one of the selection criteria is the presence of a security system “protection against children”, which is to completely block the device during operation, and in order to protect yourself from water leaks and accidents in the kitchen, it is advisable to choose a typewriter with security system Aqua Stop. An undemanding user will be interested in inexpensive and reliable models, more professional users will like the ultramodern and most autonomous dishwashers with rich functionality.


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