IRobot Roomba 980: One of The Best Robot Vacuum

First of all, the Roomba robot is a vacuum cleaner that has unique software that allows it to independently clean the premises. In addition, the device is equipped with modern HEPA filters that collect the maximum amount of dust, not letting it into the room. Also used a huge variety of brushes, which significantly increases its effectiveness. This all makes it as effective as possible in the most inaccessible places, such as corners, places over the walls, and so on.

In addition, the robot is equipped with special sensors that allow it to navigate in space. This in turn allows you to use Roomba in any room. Also thanks to the sensors, the vacuum cleaner is able to clean the seats under the tables and chairs.

The Principle of Operation of the Robot iRobot Roomba:


First of all, the owner must install Home Base ™ (base for charging). This is the place where the robot will always start cleaning and return to charge or recharge. After starting, the vacuum cleaner moves along the floor covering and the side brush feeds debris and dirt to the main cleaning unit. Next comes the nozzle on the bottom panel (a special side brush and a pair of turbo brushes take part in the process, which may be different depending on the model).

Wool, hair and other contaminants get on the rotating brushes, and then are sucked into the container along with fine dust. Heavy clogging remains in the container, and dust particles and allergens take an antibacterial or HEPA filter (depending on the model). The system was originally designed for air regeneration during radioactive contamination, so the low power of some models does not affect the quality of cleaning, including due to the thoroughness of air cleaning at the outlet.

IRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner

When the container is filled or the battery is consumed by more than 90%, the Roomba vacuums cleaner returns automatically to the base, where it replenishes the charge. After recharging, if necessary, the robot can continue cleaning from the place where it was interrupted (the recharge function is available only for 9-series models that have a navigation module.)

All robot vacuum cleaners in the iRobot Roomba range are intended only for dry cleaning, so they should not be used on wet floors or in rooms with high humidity.

This review will help to understand the different models and make a choice.

IRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A true flagship of the nine hundred series, the Roomba 980 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-precision navigation system with visual localization iAdapt 2.0, a built-in Wi-fi module that allows you to control the device remotely using the iRobot HOME mobile application, through any smart gadget. Updated enhanced engine paired with a Li-ion 3300 mAh battery and an improved Hepa filtration system.

During the cleaning process, up to 98% of the floor space is processed, because the navigation system reveals all the hidden corners where there are pollution and adds them to the cleaning map. A feature of the iRobot Roomba 980 model is an automatic increase in engine power with increasing load, that is, with an increase in the thoroughness of cleaning (the robot determines the need for increasing the suction power according to the degree of need).

Power can increase up to ten times and, as a rule, this happens when cleaning heavily soiled carpets with a long nap. The anti-winding system does not allow wool and hair of any length to wrap around the cleaning elements of the vacuum cleaner.

Features of Roomba 980

  • The HEPA filter prevents residual emission of dust and allergens into the room;
  • like all robots, vacuum cleaners iRobot Roomba is designed for dry cleaning on all surfaces – parquet, linoleum, tile carpets and carpets with any length of pile;
  • Restricting the movement of the robot to protect against its intrusion on unauthorized areas is achieved by using the Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier infrared scanning system – this protects the device from collisions with pet water bowls, contact with furniture and falling from a height;
  • ease of operation – the robot is activated by one button “Clean”;
  • the recharge base (Home Base ™) is not equipped with extra wires and has a built-in power supply.


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